Who are we?

Broadband OR Xbox?

Juice Borx is a Soweto-based ISP/ICT company that offers Broadband, Cloud services & Internet-based Hardware. Founded in January 2020, we've take pride in bridging the gap between internet accessibility and affordability.

Internet is a basic human right and we believe internet access is a gateway to unlocking learning & earning potential for many & by providing affordable internet solutions it brings us a step closer to empowering communities. And we want to be at the forefront of the mission. We also offer tailored solutions for both businesses and individuals and all services offered are best-effort and we offer 24/7 support through all of our platforms

Should you wish to be a part of our journey by means of investments, endorsements & or need tailored solutions simply get in touch with us using the e-mail listed below. 


WhatsApp & Phone

087 821 6969    




23 Protea Boulevard, Protea Glen. Soweto 1818                         

Working Hours

9:00 - 18:00 (Admin Hours)

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