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In a world that heavily relies on Fast and reliable internet, we introduce to you our Fibre & DSL offering. With *Free Nationwide installation, *Free-to-use Router & *Free-connection. Pure uncapped packages with no Fair Usage Policies attached & total transparency with your packages. All services are "best effort" and the performance is dependent entirely on the operator (VUMA, Openserve etc.)

All of our Fibre offerings are month-to-month, giving you total freedom with your package. Nobody likes commitments nowadays ;-)

Please note we are only reselling services we purchase from a 3rd party & do not have a direct partnership with the companies listed below. *Free installation, router & connection are Fibre Network Operator dependent & we have promotions from time to time depending on the FNO & area. 

Juice Borx DSL

Turn your old Telkom copper line into endless online fun. With a month-to-month Jus' DSL service from Juice Borx, packages are flexible & uncapped. With speeds from 5Mbps to *up to 40Mbps support for certain areas.

Great for neighbourhoods without Fibre coverage. It's important to note that DSL packages don't include a router, you can buy one from us or use your existing ADSL/VDSL router.


Cut the cord on contracts & experience total freedom with your package. Upgrade anytime and *cancel your package with only a month's notice.

Premium uncapped 

With no Fair Usage Policy on any of our Fibre & DSL plans, consume 1000's of hours of online content without your speed being throttled due to excessive usage.

Fibre - No Landline needed

Fibre uses optic cables to deliver immerse speeds of up to 1TB per second. There's no need for traditional copper lines or the need for your old Telkom line. Telkom line only used for Jus' DSL
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We offer Fibre service from these providers and more. Click here for full list and pricing

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